The concerts in Kansas City and ST Louis

"Even though the guys were only given 50 minutes Friday they made
the most of it. They still opened with Neverland followed by Madness,
Sing me Away, Rumors in the Air, Four in the Morning, When You Close
Your Eyes, Eddies Coming Out, Forever All Over, Sister Christian, DTMYLM
and Rock in America. I personally was glad to see them keep Eddie,
Madness, Rumors and Four in the Morning at the expense of an acoustic set.
They sounded great and even though they were the warm up had great energy.
I was a bit embarrassed by the Kansas City crowd, we hooked up with Becky
for the show and she asked "Don't these people ever stand up?" Well the
REO faithful finally did get off their fat asses for Sister Christian and the
remainder of the set. We had 5th row seats and this time (unlike Medina)
we could hear Jeff and he sounded great.

We were totally juiced from Friday's show and hopped in the family
truckster Saturday morning to drive to ST Louis and do it all again.
Unfortunately this time they were the first of three acts (Kansas, REO)
to perform and were only given 30 minutes. They still made the most
of it at the expense of Eddie, Madness, 4 in the Morning, and Rumors,
but it was still worth the drive. These guys are amazing. After the show
a couple sitting next to us asked how we knew Forever All Over Again?
After explaining the Japanese import thing to them, they informed me
they thought it was a beautiful song (any program directors out there?)

I just hope they come back this way when they headline.

The two T-shirts were still the only merchandise for sale.

After 3 shows my advise to anyone thinking about going is if they are
coming within 300 miles of you as a warm up act go, you won't regret it.
And if they are headlining it's worth a 500 mile trek. My cousin and
his wife flew in from Cleveland for both shows, and I'm sure they'd agree."

- Alan

Thanks for the review, Alan!