The concert at Midnight Rodeo in Albuquerque 6/17/97

Well where does one start.

The Albuquerque concert at Midnight Rodeo on the 17 th of June can
be described in the following words individually or put together.

1. amazing
2. spectaular
3. awesome
4. unbeleivable
5. excellent

The previous reviews of other individuals who have gone to the show are
describing the show 100 % accurately. The show went on for 1 1/2 hours
and the entire time the band was energetic and were having on hell of a
good time. This by far is the best or one of the best NR shows I have
had to opportunity to attend. I didn't write down the entire set list but
here is a sample of what I can remeber. They also did the acoustic
thing which was great and like everyone has described Jack talked
about what everyone had been up to since the break up and
again he made no mention of Mojo.

1. Neverland
2. Touch of madness
3. Sing me away
4. Four in the Morning
5. When you Close Your Eyes


6. Sentimentail street
7. Goodbye
8. High enough

Back to electric

9. Coming of age
10. Call My Name
12. Eddies coming out tonoght
13. Nightranger
14. NY time
15. Forerver all over again


1. Sister Christain
2. Rock in America

There are more but I just can't remeber them now. I didn't get a chance
to talk to the guys the crowd was huge. It is great to see them having a
good time on stage and now that Jeff sings backup vocals it just makes
it great. The solos that Brad and Jeff performed where amazing just a
previously described thay make it seem so effortless, the whammy bar
magic and the eight finger tapping. To you folks out there, this show is
a must attend if you don't you will kick yourself for a long time to
come. Thats all for now since I am at work and kinda tired only
got 2 hours sleep last night after getting home from the show.

BTW: If any of you out there get a chance to talk to the guys while
attending the best darn show around maybe you could ask them to get
columbia or their management to put together a video montage for us
die hard fans. Also remaking those NR pendents.

Enjoy the show

- David M. Romero

Thanks for the nice review, David!