The concert at Twin Cities in early June 1997

"Man, what a nite!

I think that it's a good testament to the talent of a band when, after
being apart for so long, they sound like they haven't lost a step.

I was great hearing all of the hits, but the new stuff sounds great! They
played "Neverland", "Forever All Over Again", "Slap Like Being Born", and
"New York Time". NYT sounds very much like classic NR, almost as if it
could of been a bonus track off of 7 Wishes. I can't wait for the US
release of Neverland. The morning sidekick from KDWB, which is the local
Top 40 station, was one of the people who introduced the band, so hopefully
they will play the new stuff. BTW, I heard that the band was on their
morning show - anyone tape it?

The band sounded great. Brad and Jeff are still one of the best guitar
duos in the biz, Kelly continues to amaze me as a drummer and a singer,
Jack still knows how to work a crowd, and the band wouldn't be complete
with out Fitz.

What impressed me the most about last nights performance, besides standing
so close to a band that I have admired for so long, was the amount of
energy that they put out on stage (besides Fitz, who as always been
"stoic"; How did they get him back in the band? Didn't he leave the first
time because he got tired of playing a sideman role?). I saw them live
back in 87 on the Big Life tour at the MN state fair in front of a crowd of
(I'd say) 10,000+. The performance that they put on last night at the
Medina Ballroom in front of a few hundred fans was every bit as intense.

BTW, it's nice to see a band joking around and having a good time on stage.
I this era of depressed and moronic musicans who ignore thier fans and
only perform live because they have to, it was great to see NR having as
much of a good time as the fans were."

- Christian Dady

Thanks for the review, Christian !