Night Ranger in Ft. Wayne, IN on July 14th, 2000
By Jeff Humble

The FT. Wayne show was one of the best. The only complaint was there was a pole in the dead center of the stage. All I say of Jack for the most part was his hair from around the pole. They all had a blast. There were TV cameras taping the show. I wonder how I can get a copy of it. My only question is "Who the hell picks the opening bands?" The band in FT. Worth was Gawd awful. The played for over 2 f@#$ing hours. They ran long. Every song sounded the exact same. The were like a cross between Spin Doctors & The Grateful Dead. The said this out last song, & then "treated" us to 4 more. Don't even get me started on the "band" that opened in St. Louis. All I'll say for now is the male lead singer wore a silver dress. I'll be putting my pix up on the web later this afternoon. :-)