Night Ranger in Memphis, TN on July 13th, 2000
By Charles Hampton

Just got back home from Memphis and the NR concert. NR may have opened the show but they stole the whole show. They played for about an hour and ten minutes, the only down side was they didn't get to play anything from Neverland or Seven--that sucked! Survivor only played for about thirty minutes. REO kept stopping the show because of problems with Kevin Cronin's ear pieces and guitar problems. The sound was terrible for Suvivor and REO, but it seemed NR's was dead on "rockin". NR was great, at one point Jack went out into the crowd while still jamming on his bass. They all looked to be up for the show with the exception of Jeff. He was good, but lacked the energy of the rest of the band. Brad was so into the show. At times while playing his lead parts he would play with the crowd. They really put on a hell of a show. I hope the rest of you on the list get to see them real soon, they rocked!