Night Ranger in St. Louis, MO on July 15th, 2000
By Ellen Kozisek

Awesome! Oh, gee, lordy do I love this band.

It was a good show. It was free, so I figure there were probably quite a few folks who wouldn't've paid to see Night Ranger, but decided to come for free. A great opportunity for Night Ranger to win some folks over. And I suspect they did, because they were great.

Jeff had lots of smiles. I know, I was watching. He's got a great smile.

I got hit on the head with a Jack pick. At least, I believe that's what happened. See, during "Let Him Run" I'm like totally intent on watching and listening to Jeff. Like, I'm loving hearing Jeff play his own song. Noone and nothing else in the world, but Jeff, his guitar, and me watching and listening. Then, something hit me on the head. Something small and light. Broken out of my reverie, I look around to see what the heck was flying around that I got hit on the head. And I see behind me what appears to be folks looking for a pick that had been thrown. So, I figure it must have been a pick thrown by Jack that hit me. (I was watching Jeff play, so it wasn't him, and Kelly was busy singing, and Brad and Fitz weren't there -- Just Jeff playing, Kelly singing, and Jack contributing harmonies on that song.)

Jack, don't disturb me when I'm Jeff watching! LOL.

It was an awesome show.

I could kick myself though. After the show, someone called Jeff over to the fence where us folks who couldn't get backstage (which was what's usually a city street!) were, and he actually listened and came over. Well, I actually managed to have a conversation with Jeff while having him sign "Planet Earth". He started it, asked if I had the 3rd one (Mother's Army album, that is). Anyway, I could kick myself for not mentioning my Mother's Army webpage! I totally did not think of it.

The food was way expensive, but it wasn't really much more expensive than most concerts, and admission was free, so it evens out.

Okay, how come Jack mentions the new DY CD, but nothing about any other new projects from the other guys? And, I'm glad he mentioned that Brad and Jeff did solo albums. So, while Brad's NEW solo album didn't get mentioned from the stage, Jack mentioned the other one, just saying Brad did a solo album, so that would lead folks to Brad's new album. :-) As for Jack saying Kelly did "some stuff"... or, I think he said albums, don't remember exactly -- played on some albums, I think is what he said. Anyway, since Kelly and Jack are friends -- which they definitely make clear when they introduce each other -- I doubt Kelly minds. Plus, I was listening to a radio thing from 1997, and Kelly says the same think Jack does in concert, he said Jack did Damn Yankees, and he gives the same very vague description of what he did in those years that Jack does live. Anyway, it could be a bit of humor within the band that Jack doesn't mention what Kelly did during the hiatus (Jack's word, though, between uses of it, he went off on what a weird word it was. Jack was cute. His usual self.) -- that he doesn't refer to Feeding Off The Mojo and the Night Ranger tours with that lineup.

I hope Jeff Humble doesn't mind if I share our brief conversation about the tour bus. I commented that the decoration on the outside looked quite feminine. Jeff responded "Well, they are from San Francisco." :-) Brad waved at Jeff to come back stage... I'm jealous. :-)

Alright, someday, I want personal encounters with Kelly and Jack. Is that too much to ask? Probably, LOL. No, not to much to ask... God's indulgent about listening to our wishes... but to much to expect, LOL.

Ah well.

It was an awesome show.

And, I can't help it, I like Night Ranger doing the two DY songs.

But, I've decided if they are going to leave those in the set, they also have to leave in "Let Him Run" and "Goodbye". That's so I can be a happy Jeff fan. :-)

I took pictures. Hopefully some of them came out good. :-)

Oh, they did "Seven Wishes". I screamed upon hearing it and recognizing it. When did I come to like that song? LOL. I think that's the first time I've heard that one live.