Night Ranger in St. Louis, MO on July 15th, 2000
By Sharon

I saw Night Ranger tonight and OMG Jack was awesome. It was a free show general admission and Night Ranger didn't go on until 9:00 pm. I got there around 4:00 pm and just grabbed a folding chair and sat in front of the stage where I thought Jack would be. They had bands all day on that stage so there was something to watch while waiting. Anyway, When Night Ranger came and during the middle of the show Jack took off his thumb pic (that he plays with) and walked to the front of the stage and looked for someone to pick out to throw it to and he picked me! (except it landed wrong and I didn't get it). But I'm thrilled that the thought was there plus a little kid ended up with it so that was ok. After he threw it and he saw I didn't get it, he looked at me like he was thinking "I'm sorry!". I waved at him and said thank you! I wore my Tommy Shaw 7DeadlyZen's t-shirt only they had this wall in front of the stage that was really high. So even though I was dancing and jumping around it was hard to see it but towards the end of the show Jack looks at me and he says Tommy Shaw 7DeadlyZen's and I waved at him and he started running his finger across his chest to let me know he noticed I had Tommy's t-shirt on and he got this great big smile on his face. I was definately happy that I had sent my family on to Tennessee today and decided to wait and go a day later so I could catch Night Ranger. It was definately worth it! I can't wait to see them again. They were awesome!!!