Night Ranger in Las Vegas, NV on June 30th, 2000
By Kyle Davis

It was a long night.

The show was pretty good, I though, despite the problems. There were repeated sound problems at the beginning... some of Jeff's equipment overheated so he had to keep walking over to his rack to fix it. Overall, I thought the sound was a bit too loud. Now, before you start calling me an old man, I'm talking about loud to the point where it distorts in your ear. The echo off the building didn't help. Eventually, I wandered over to the side of the stage (uh... ok, it was the beer line) and it didn't sound so bad over there, so maybe it was just standing in the center.

Did anyone see the sunglasses Jack wore for roughly 6 seconds at the beginning of the show? Those were mine. He had forgotten his, so I handed him mine. Unfortunately, my head is (physically ) bigger than his so when he starting whipping his head around, they flew off. [Mike Reno wore them backstage later, but decided not to take them on stage. He had his own Ray-Bans.]

I didn't write down the set list this year... did anyone? There were no surprises anyway... I'm sure it matches the ones posted earlier.

I hope everyone stuck around for Loverboy... After NR's set, 4 of the guys took off for the hotel because they had a 4:30 wake up call to catch their flight. Brad stuck around, though, and made a few cameo appearances during Loverboy's set. He sang backup on a couple songs, and he did the solo for one song, but I don't remember which one. Hot Girls In Love, maybe?

Oh... that idiot that wandered out on stage during Doug Johnson's keyboard solo and tried to liven up the crowd was my best friend Jeff (not a list member). What a dork. During the solo, we were standing offstage talking to Paul Dean about something and Jeff said we should all go work the crowd. Paul said "go ahead"... so he did. I said something to Paul about it and his response was "hey, it's Vegas... anything can happen!" It was really quite funny, but I'm sure the crowd was confused.

It was good to see everyone again... and to meet a few new people. Sorry I didn't get to stick around much before the show and meet more people this time.