Night Ranger in Las Vegas, NV on June 30th, 2000
By Cidney

The Las Vegas show at Sunset, as reported by several others already, was great! Despite all of the sound problems, I must say that the guys seemed to have the most fun and chemistry during this show more than any other I've seen!! They were definitely wound up, and it showed! The entire show was great. We ran into Fitz and Kelly after they arrived at the hotel. They were very nice, as usual. Brad took time to sign the cover of the Star Licks series tape that he did back in 1986 for my boyfriend.

We stuck around for Loverboy. Brad was definitely having fun during some of their songs. We had met Doug Johnson out at the pool earlier that day and he ws extremely nice to us -- at the pool, during and after the show. They sounded pretty good.

All in all, the trip was outstanding! Hopefully they will play there again next year!!