Night Ranger in Hanover Park, IL on September 2nd, 2000
By Elizabeth

I saw Night Ranger at Hanover Park, IL last night. Their usual show, so nothing new to report, but entertaining as always. I love it that the guys look like they are having so much fun up there. At one point, Jack was laughing so hard he had to stop singing.

Ellen, you should have been at this show. Jeff, Brad, Kelly and JACK came out to sign autographs for the fans after the show. (Wow, so rare to have Kelly and Jack come out!) I did get to talk to Jack a bit before the show. One of the things I told him was that we wanted to hear some new music in the set. Like something off of Neverland or Seven. He replied with a smile, "Well, you're not going to hear any of that tonight!" I told him that I knew they weren't playing any, just wanted to throw in my request for next year. And then my husband jokes that by next year, these songs will be old songs, and since NR likes to play their old songs in the shows, then they can be added to the set.

I also got to joke with Fitz before the band left. I got an autograph and then told him that I had a joke for him...."How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb?" He had heard that before but couldn't think of the punchline. I said "None, the keyboard player does it" and Fitz added "with his left hand!" We laughed, and I said with concerts like Night Ranger, I bet that joke's appropriate. Fitz wouldn't comment, he just kept laughing.

I want to send out a special HELLO to Sharon from this list. She had on her RITA shirt and so did I. Sharon, it was so nice to meet you!