Night Ranger in Chicago Ridge, IL on July 28th, 2000
By Tracie (PlayRuf)

Oh my God! The show was so completely awesome (as usual)...I got there early and met up with Jennifer (actually she found me). We then met up with Thomas. He looks a lot younger than we thought he would be. We walked over by the fence where Kelly was. He was back behind it talking to some people. A woman came over and we told her about Thomas being there. He got to go back and meet Kelly before the show. You would've thought that he was the star of the show - he was shaking everyone's hand who was there early (who knew that he was coming). It turned out that the woman that originally talked to us was Kelly's girlfriend, Monique. She told Jennifer and I that she'd try to get us back after the show. Well, she was true to her word and we got back after their awesome show. Brad came out first with no shirt on and then Jeff came out. I finally got my picture with Jeff. I then went to Brad who instantly knew who I was (I'm sure it's because of my license plate) - I was impressed nevertheless. He signed my Alligator CD and then I got a pic with him. Jack and Kelly finally came out. I got my pic w/Jack too since I didn't get one the last time. It was a wonderful time! Unfortunately I couldn't stay longer. We thanked Monique for getting us back there. She was really nice. Jen, do you have anything to add?