Night Ranger in Billings, MT on July 1st, 2000
By Dave C.

First let just say that the drive was horrible. I left around 4 am (ha ha ha) anyway. About 120 miles out my car decides it was too hot. so I could drive about 25 miles then sit far half an hour it was awfull. I wanted to get there around 1. instead it was about 5. anyway.

I still managed to get the front row. Right in front of brad. There was a speaker pointing to the crowd. All it had in it was his Guitar. So most of the concert was a solo from Brad. I thought it was great. The stage was about 10 feet away from the barricades. Most of Jeffs picks hit the barricades. They all seemed to be enjoying them selves. Jack was really into things. I think the others fed off of him. It was the short set. Infact the set list says

Sing Me
l 4 AM
When you close your eyes
Comin of age
Don't Tell Me
------------------ Sister

During sentimental Street I could see the stage Manager telling Jack to speed things up. He did they went from one song to the other. THey did not leave the stage for the encore. Jack did end the night by saying. " I promise it will not take us 10 years next time. We will all be back real soon". So you can take that for whatever you want. Right after they got off stage All Hell broke loose. The rain was pounding. REO Was good sports they played there whole set and sounded great. After REO When I took a break I heard a guy say " I can not believe Night Ranger Kicked REO's Ass!!! about 6 other people agreed. ON the way home the drive that is supose to take 8 hrs took 16!!!! Oh well it was still great.