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Alliance -- © 1996 Zero Corporation
Produced by Robert Berry, David Lauser, Alan Fitzgerald and Gary Pihl

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Band:

Robert Berry
David Lauser
Alan Fitzgerald
Gary Pihl

The Songs:

1. My My My
(Robert Berry)

2. So All Alone
(Robert Berry / Gary Pihl)

3. Sleepless Nights
(Robert Berry)

4. This Is The World
(Robert Berry)

5. Best Of Me
(Robert Berry / Gary Pihl)

6. Second Chance
(Robert Berry / Gary Pihl)

7. True Meaning Of Love
(Robert Berry)

8. Cross That Line
(Alan Fitzgerald / Robert Berry)

9. Turn Around
(Robert Berry / Gary Pihl)

10. Rosie's Cantina
(Robert Berry / Gary Pihl / David Lauser)

11. Change
(Robert Berry)

12. Tonight
(Robert Berry / Gary Pihl)

Rating: 7/10
(7 out of 10 cd's)

This is a great album with great guitar riffs and catchy keyboard hooks! Fitz' debut with his new band Alliance!