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Alligator -- © 2000 Canyon International
Produced by Brad Gillis

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Album Type: Studio Recording
First Released: March 15, 2000 in Japan

The Performers:

Brad Gillis
Kelly Keagy
Gary Moon
Mark McGee
Jim Hawthorne
Ronnie Sieff
Steven Berk
Derek Sherinian
Skyler & Alishia Hawthorne
Montanna Gillis
Chelsey Crow

Song Credits:

1. Alligator

2. Eyes (Your Eyes are the Window to Your Soul)

3. Heart-shaped Wings

4. Survive

5. Circle of Light

6. Chain Gang

7. Leap of Faith

8. Tanbark Tyrant

9. Monche la Roughe

10. Swami

Rating: 10/10
(10 out of 10 cd's)

An amazing album by Brad Gillis, featuring debut lead vocals by Brad Gillis himself, and also lead vocals by Gary Moon!