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7 Wishes -- © 1985 MCA Records, Inc
Produced by Pat Glasser for Patrick Glasser Enterprises, Inc.

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Band:

Jack Blades (Bass, Lead Vocals)
Kelly Keagy (Drums, Lead vocals)
Brad Gillis (Guitars, Vocals)
Jeff Watson (Guitars)
Alan Fitzgerald (Keyboards, Vocals)

The Songs:

1. Seven Wishes

2. Faces
(Keagy / Blades / Fitzgerald)

3. Four In The Morning

4. I Need A Woman

5. Sentimental Street

6. This Boy Needs To Rock
(Blades / Gillis)

7. I Will Follow You
(Fitzgerald / Blades)

8. Interstate Love Affair *

9. Night Machine
(Blades / Keagy / Gillis)

10. Goodbye
(Watson / Blades)

* Appears on the Motion Picture Soundtrack "Teachers"

Rating: 10/10
(10 out of 10 cd's)

Night Ranger follows up their huge hit album "Midnight Madness" with the biggest melodic album of the 1980's. This is an awesome album with pure energetic melodic hard rock from the greatest band in the world! This is a must have album in ANY music collection!

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